[CLOSED] Royal Soc. Chemistry, Programme Mgr – Science Team x2, ??30.5-33.9k, closed 20 Aug 2012

Because these jobs are closed and the job descriptions already removed from the RSC's website I had to employ minor geek skills to recover them from cache. I opened up the source code for the advert (Ctrl+U in Firefox), noted the names of the deleted files (eg "<a href="/images/prg-mgr-physical-science-rd_tcm18-220981.pdf" title="">Programme Manager – Science Team Inorganic Role Descriptor</a>") and googled for each one. Once found I used the 'quick view' option to open a cached version, saved it to Google Docs and downloaded it as a PDF before uploading it here. Of course I could have just emailed them and asked for copies, but this is more fun. More details on exactly what I did here http://brodiesnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/how-to-find-deleted-files-using-google.html – I use this quite a lot when I come across a job that's closed but where I still want to save a copy of the relevant information.


Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Programme Manager – Science Team


Programme Manager – Science Team

We have two fantastic opportunities within our Science team to work with the Inorganic and Physical Chemistry divisions. The roles will assist in the development of science policy and activities, forming a close working relationship with internal departments and with external stakeholders to advance the chemical sciences within the UK, at a European level and more globally in support of the RSC's strategy.

Day to day activities

  • Develop and manage the translation of the outputs from the RSC Roadmap, in collaboration with both internal areas of expertise and with external organisations and agencies, into key activities and projects
  • Keep up to date and brief colleagues and members on current scientific and policy developments in the area at national and international levels
  • Build, maintain links and collaborate with outside bodies, agencies, companies and organisations as appropriate, including the UK & European Research Councils and sister societies, in order to develop an in depth understanding of current issues critical to the funding of research in the chemical sciences
  • Provide general support and advice to RSC Divisions and Subject Groups and work with colleagues across the RSC and members in identifying and initiating new activities, including conferences, meetings, publications, member groups and networks to advance the chemical sciences in this area
  • Manage the RSC Awards Programme within your area of responsibility
  • Manage budgets to support activities in your area of responsibility.

Skills and qualifications

  • Work experience in a relevant field in a company or academic background;
  • Proven ability to work effectively as a member of a team and independently;
  • Excellent communication, networking and presentation skills;
  • Good project and time management skills including the ability to plan and prioritise work, and to meet deadlines under pressure;
  • Creativity and the ability to generate ideas;??
  • Knowledge of science policy and funding developments in the UK and/or elsewhere.
  • A PhD in a relevant area of the chemical sciences or a cognate discipline is desirable.

Based in Cambridge, UK. Salary ??30,579 – ??33,977. Closing date 20 August 2012. Vacancy reference no. 12-107

Downloadable Files

Programme Manager – Science Team Inorganic Role Descriptor
Download the Full Job Description
PDF iconPDF (46k) ??

Programme Manager – Science Team Physical Role Descriptor
Download the Full Job Decription
PDF iconPDF (46k) ??

PDF files require Link icon Adobe Acrobat Reader

How to apply

Advice on applying

The information we need and the best way to send it

Apply Now
Please include the vacancy reference number (where possible) and attach your CV and covering letter/graduate application form
Email: Apply Now

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