Job descriptions returning odd error messages – should still download OK though

Hello subscribers and visitors 🙂

Whenever I post a new job description to the ScicommJobs Posterous blog via email I always (wherever possible) attach a PDF or Word document of the job description / person specification. These are automatically rendered in a viewing window, usually at the top of the blog post, and there's a scrollbar to the right of this inset window so you can scroll through the file without leaving the page.

Occasionally these files return an error message claiming that they are corrupted or protected and cannot be opened. As far as I'm aware this refers only to the little rendering window and shouldn't affect your ability to download the 'raw' file, which you can do from the little 'download' link just below the window. I think it's just Posterous fooling about a bit.

While I have your attention, please don't cc @ScicommJobs on Twitter if you want me to hear about a job. I hardly ever log in as that account and don't often check the account's mentions / @messages – this means that I may never see your job / message. Please send your jobs to my regular account – @JoBrodie.

Ta muchly, happy job hunting.

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