Job hunting on Twitter: social media tips from @thismademecool via @BorisOPopov

Spotted this tweet this morning and RTed it as me, but thought I’d also post it here in case others find it useful.

This was an interesting read from someone who’s made some good use of Twitter in finding out about jobs but also using it to position himself as someone knowledgeable about a particular area, eg during conferences and events. Twitter’s also brought him blogging opportunities not to mention (presumably) writing this article in the Guardian Careers section.

He makes some very good points about jobs being posted on Twitter (and perhaps not advertised in the bigger listings, which if if costs money would certainly make sense) and I think I share that philosophy as I tend to hear about many more jobs when trawling through the great big lists* of organisations that employ science communicators than I do from other sources (although psci-com is excellent, and other mailing lists too).

A lot of these organisations either don’t know that they’re employing ‘science communicators’ or they don’t know that there are dedicated free listings available for that community.

*List 1 – the job vacancies pages of organisations that might employ science communicators, organised thematically (eg medical research charities, royal colleges, science centres etc).

List 2 – organisations that have had the good sense to make it easy for people to find their job vacancies pages by using the format, organised mostly alphabetically

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