[Job, Buckingham] RP Fighting Blindness, Communications Officer, ??20-25k , clos 2 Jan 2013

Science / health communication is not the main 'thing' of this job but having looked at the job description it's definitely hinted at in terms of providing patient information. Interestingly (given the recent discussion on psci-com about whether or not PhDs are needed) this job doesn't set as essential the requirement to have a degree… and you report directly to Chief Exec so probably quite an interesting opportunity to develop overall.

RP Fighting Blindness
Communications Officer


Communications Officer
??20-??25,000 depending on experience

RP Fighting Blindness is looking for a well organised, literate and confident individual with initiative to take responsibility for the charity???s magazine, online presence and other internal and external communications.

The communications function is relatively new to the charity and is still in the process of development. This is an exciting opportunity for someone with drive to make their mark and influence the way in which the charity is represented.

For full details and information on how to apply for this post please download the Job Description using the link below. This is a PDF file.

Closing date Wednesday 02 January 2013 (5pm)

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