[Job, clos tmrw] Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Clinical Writers x3, c??33-38k, clos 9 Dec 2012

The RPS website is advertising several vacancies for clinical writers though two of the five openings have passed. I've bunged all the details below along with all the job descriptions but if you're planning on applying for the ones that close on 9 Dec 2012 then I recommend going to the website linked below ('careers-at-the-society') and make sure you download the right one as I don't know what order they'll rearrange themselves into once posted to Posterous. Obviously you can also get the right file from the embedded links for each job title listed further down but I think it's worth going to the RPS site and collecting them from there directly.

I opened one of the files to see what the salary was, but that may not reflect all of them.

RPS (Royal Pharmaceutical Society, formerly (tho still, I think, formally) Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain)
Clinical Writer x3

Clinical Writer??(x2)
Part time – 21 hours
Closing date: 2nd December 2012

Clinical Writer
Full time – permanent??
Closing date: 9th December 2012

Clinical Writer??(x2)
6 month contract
Closing date: 9th December 2012

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