[Job, Geneva] CERN, Publisher – Scientific Info Officer, CHF7980-9100/month, clos?

Another from psci-com https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A2=psci-com;288cbd1d.1212

This job was posted to psci-com on 4 Dec 2012 but I've not found a closing date (presumably you can ignore the November date given below, no idea what veroffentlichung means).

Publisher – Scientific Information Officer


Are you a physics or mathematics postgraduate, with demonstrated experience in publishing? Contribute your skills to CERN's open access vision: join CERN's Scientific Information Service to run the CERN Reports series and to centralize and streamline other CERN publishing activities. Take part!

CERN is currently looking for a

Publisher – Scientific Information Officer


As a scientific information officer, you will:

  • Be responsible for the CERN Report series on a day-to-day basis, and for the entire production lifecycle, including scheduling and budgeting, working with authors from the initial concept of a monograph or proceedings, advising them throughout the stages, from initial manuscript to the final proofs and indexing in relevant databases and publication and dissemination;
  • Be responsible for quality control of the report series, and for the cataloguing and curation of report series and conference publication records in the institutional repository;
  • Orchestrate the technical steps from the manuscript handling, copy-editing, and printing (on-demand), to the distribution and timely delivery of copies: you will work in close collaboration with the IT technical team to maximize the automation of these steps, and to perform the remainder of the manual steps that cannot be outsour.

Qualification required
Master's degree or PhD in the field of Mathematics or Physics, or equivalent.

Experience and competencies

The experience required for this post is:

  • Demonstrated professional experience in a scholarly publishing environment;
  • Some experience with new publishing trends such as open access models, actionable content, data publications, semantic navigation;
  • Familiarity with high-level research communities and academic circles.

The technical competencies required for this post are:

  • Thorough understanding and working knowledge of the key functional areas of book/electronic publishing;
  • Familiarity with manuscript submission, editing tools and content management systems;
  • Good understanding of copyright and licensing in the publishing environment;
  • Web agility, competence in social media and new web applications.

Founded in 1954 in Geneva, CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research is the world's most advanced fundamental research institute for particle physics. Over the last 50 years, it has become a prime example of international collaboration with currently 20 European Member States.

Please note that we only accept applications from CERN Member State nationals.

Weitere Informationen

12. November 2012
Nicht relevant
CHF7980 – CHF9100 per month
Stellen-ID des Arbeitgebers:
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