[Job, var poss locs] Mozilla, Director (Webmaking Science Lab) ???, clos ? via @sophiacol @jukesie @mozilla

Canada, UK, Germany or US are the possible locations…

Mozilla (people behind Firefox among other things)
Director, Webmaking Science Lab

Director, Webmaking Science Lab

Toronto, London, San Francisco, New York, Berlin

Mozilla is seeking a dynamic individual to drive the vision and product strategy for its Webmaking Science Lab. This is a key strategic role reporting to the Executive Director. This individual will lead the charge in reaching out to the scientific community, helping to establish a vibrant community of scientists, developers, designers, and other individuals working to advance the practice of science on the web. A passion for open science, a keen understanding of the web as both a technology stack and culture, experience with existing web-based science toolsets, and enthusiasm for community-driven technology development are the initial key qualifications. As a senior member of the Mozilla organization, the successful candidate will be responsible for gathering partners, inspiring a team, building a community, shaping a vision, and leading the development and delivery of new products for conducting science both on and like the web.
Position Responsibilities:

  • Reach
    out the scientific community and build connections with Mozilla
  • From
    those discussions, collect requirements from scientists, web
    developers, and key partners and translate them into innovative
    product and practice ideas that support the conduct of science on
    the web
  • Run
    hackjams, build partnerships, and work with science organizations to
    kick out prototypes, ideas, and designs for new Webmaking tools
  • Engage
    participants from Software Carpentry in the activities of the Lab
  • Work
    with other members of the Mozilla community, including our other Lab Directors, to advance the principles of Webmaking and the open web
    in general through the broader activities of the foundation
  • Author
    and publish papers, blog posts, and op-eds, and present at
    conferences and other symposia to build support and understanding
    for the potential of open science on the web
  • Work with
    members of the Mozilla Foundation software group to design and ship
    web sites, projects, and products required to advance the mission of
    the Lab
  • Participate
    in Mozilla's development activities to identify and secure resources
    for the Lab
  • Be
    responsible for determining and achieving quantitative and
    qualitative performance metrics, including the number of
    contributors participating in the Lab and their overall impact on
    the practice of science


  • Public
    profile, reputation, and credentials that merit and garner the
    attention and respect of your peers in the scientific community
  • A
    strong sense of the possibilities and current missed opportunities
    associated with the conduct of science on the web
  • A
    deep understanding of and passion for code and technology, though we
    do not expect you to be able to build and ship software on your own
  • Ideally,
    significant work experience outside the context of a university or
  • Experience
    managing and motivating a small staff
  • Strong
    leadership and negotiation skills
  • Strengths
    in meeting objectives through influence, facilitation and team
  • Ability
    to develop and maintain effective relationships with key
  • Strategic
    planning expertise, the ability to manage change, and the desire to
    operate effectively within an aggressive organization
  • Proven
    ability to translate ideas into action
  • Excellent
    written, presentation, public speaking and verbal communications
  • Some
    travel required

Mozilla is a global organization, and most roles are available for home-based work, but if you are near one of our offices, we're happy to provide you with a desk and the company of talented peers. Possible locations for this position are home-based or in-office in Canada, the??U.K., Germany, or the U.S.

Mozilla Foundation
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