*Volunteer, Ghana* Lightyear Foundation, Science Roadshow vols £0, clos 8 Mar 2013, via @lightyear_fdn

While I don’t generally post unpaid opportunities (well, I do, but only after the date has passed) as they give an unfair advantage to people who can afford them I am making an exception for this volunteering opportunity in Ghana.

Lightyear Foundation
Volunteers (including science communicators, but also general competent types for admin stuff) for Lightyear Foundation Summer Science Roadshows.

130208-LYF-Roadshow-volunteer-job-spec-JUNE  <– PDF

Lightyear Foundation needs YOU… to be part of our 2013 Science Roadshow in Ghana

Do you have the commitment and vision to support the development of science classes that are adventure-centred rather than book-centred? Do you like making complex ideas simple? Do you believe that every young person should have the opportunity to ask questions?

In Ghana, many students (and teachers!) are put off from asking science questions. Science is ‘too hard’ or ‘not practical’ for a business career. But it’s amazing what these same people can accomplish with the right support and encouragement. Last year, Lightyear volunteers had students who were “too young” build amazingly complex and structurally sound bridges. We had high school students who were “too cool” interweave their hands to demonstrate forces, or kick footballs to demonstrate gravity and pressure. And we had classrooms rocking to the sound of laughter, instead of pages turning. It is easy to imagine these same young people bringing this new-found enthusiasm to their communities and careers.

This is your chance to join a volunteer team that is leading the way in promoting creative science in Ghana and giving young Ghanaians (and their teachers) the tools and know-how to further their own scientific endeavours. We will be in Ghana for the two weeks from 15 – 30th June 2013, but will also need lots of help before then to make the Roadshows happen. Would you like to join us for one or both weeks? Do you want to be part of something amazing???

We are looking for 12 international volunteers with one, two or all three of the following characteristics for our 2012 Roadshows:

  • “Roadies”: You will be hot on the money, love figuring out bus timetables (in countries where they are not posted) and take pictures of everything. Ideally, you will be highly organised, self-reliant and have a passion for ‘making things work’, no matter how trying the circumstances.
  • “Leaders”: You will guide the crew and make the key decisions. Quick on your feet and discursive, you have spent time in developing countries and feel confident navigating new environments. You get why it’s important to have a plan, and know how to deliver it. Experience in cross-cultural communication invaluable.
  • “Science Gurus”: You will be the lead teachers in the team. You will ideally have science communications or science teaching experience, a passion for inspiring young people and plenty of creative flair. You will have stamina and perseverance, and form the crux of every volunteer crew.It is very easy to submit your application: just email your name, a maximum 200 words on why you are geeky/cool/crazy/reliable/fun enough to be selected to go to Ghana with Lightyear to psitch@lightyearfoundation.org by Friday 8th March. We will sift applications and conduct brief interviews where necessary and get back to you by the end of March. Induction and training days will be held in London in April/ May.

More detail: Each crew is anticipated to comprise different skills. Lightyear crews will spend 2.5 days at any given school, transferring mid-week. Classes will be taught all day, kids will wrap themselves around you outside these times (and possibly during as well!). Accommodation will be basic but effective. Ghanaian food is always delicious, and we wouldn’t dare comment on the excellent local beer! Weekends are free to do as you like, but we will look to try and arrange a fun place for all volunteers to meet/share stories for the weekend in the middle. We can also provide plenty of advice on what to see in the region if you can add on a holiday!


Lightyear will provide all food, board, teaching materials and transport in country, as well as two of our most amazing t-shirts (cause we all volunteer for the t-shirts, right?). You will be responsible for flights, travel insurance, visa, anti-malarials, any necessary injections and other personal items. Please see the below table for an estimated breakdown.

We also require you to raise or donate £150 towards the overall costs of running the trip to secure your place! Once you have been accepted to go to Ghana with us, we will request this as a deposit, and it will be refunded to you once you have raised (or exceeded!?!) the sum in donations. In the event that you pull out of the trip less than a month before departure, you will forfeit this deposit. But then, what is £150 towards the most amazing two-week experience of the year??

Estimated volunteer participation costs (based on 2012 experience). We are happy for you to fundraise for all of the below, and are happy to provide advice and assistance to help you to do so!

Flights to Ghana


(hope to get a group deal at much less)

Volunteer contribution


Travel insurance


Ghanaian single-entry visa



£0 – £50

(yellow fever compulsory for Ghana entry)

Anti-malarial medicines


Sundries (postcards, beer)


2 weeks Lightyear Science Roadshow…

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