Follow ScicommJobs posts by email / RSS etc – exciting admin post

Thanks to someone pointing out that there wasn’t a ‘sign up by email’ widget on this blog I’ve now added one and taken the opportunity to tidy things up a bit. On the right hand side of this blog are some things which should hopefully make navigating the posts a bit easier – and there are options to subscribe by email or subscribe by RSS (well, an RSS feed – you can just add it to your reader)

The categories at the top are a new thing (not quite the same as tags but fairly similar). I’ll try and remember to be consistent in how I use these. In future you can quickly find job descriptions by theme (eg all jobs that had a salary greater than £35 but less than £40). While the jobs will have passed hopefully the information in the downloadable job description will still be useful.

Then there’s the Follow ScicommJobs by email option which is fairly explanatory I hope. Below that is the Admin and RSS feeds (the admin’s for me, RSS for you). I’ve also added a new Page called Follow by email / RSS etc (see the top of this blog) and I’ve copied and pasted its text at the bottom of this post.

Further down there are the new blog stats (total for this blog) which began being counted once this blog went live in February – alas all the thousands of hits when it was at Posterous are lost but it might be interesting (maybe just for me!) to see how many hits it gets.

Below that are the most recent posts, and then the archives.


Text of new page:
Follow by email / RSS etc

There are lots of ways to follow this blog – there may be reasons why you want to follow it more covertly for example. I will let you judge the relevant covertness of the following options.

All posts from this blog are automatically sent to @ScicommJobs

On the right hand side of the blog there’s a button you can press to ‘Follow ScicommJobs by email’ – if you’re logged in to then clicking it will sign you up with the same email address. If you prefer to use a different one you’ll have to log out and refresh the page.

Email and Twitter – Twilert
If you have a Twitter or Google account but don’t want to publicly follow the Twitter feed then you can set up a Twitter email alert via Twilert. It will send you a regular email which contains recent tweets – as there might be a time delay this probably isn’t the most useful method for finding out about new jobs in good time.

Just below the ‘follow by email’ button is a section for Admin and RSS feeds – the one you probably want is Entries – RSS which you can add to your RSS reader (the URL is

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