*Open Call* Edinburgh Intl Science Festival, take yr science event to the Gulf Region, clos 18 Mar 2013 #scicomm

Oooh this is the 900th post. This blog began life over at Posterous in October 2009 but moved in Feb this year because Posterous is shutting down soon and there are over three and a half years of job descriptions, competitions, events from the fabulously diverse world of science communication.

While most of the jobs and events posted here are based in London (it’s what I hear about and know about the most) there are many things going on in other bits of the world, and other bits of the UK of course.

This post involves science communication in the Gulf region and is from the Edinburgh Science Festival.

The next Edinburgh International Science Festival will take place 23 March – 7 April 2013. Visit www.sciencefestival.co.uk to join our mailing list, receive e-news and be the first to hear about the new festival programme.

Edinburgh International Science Festival
Call – Take Your Science Event to the Gulf Region!

Trapped forms (which will persist once the original advert has gone from their website) include: Proposals Form 2013 and Example Proposal

Job Description:
Once again, the Edinburgh International Science Festival (EISF) is looking for potential shows, workshops and exhibitions to take to the Middle East. After two highly successful years working with the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, this is an open call to anyone with an event which could be operated in the Gulf Region. The time period we’re looking at covers September to December 2013, but your event need not be available for all of this time.

Events are likely to be delivered in English and Arabic, and help can be given with translation for those events selected. At this stage we are only looking for complete events – rather than ideas – and all should be suitable for family and school audiences. There are no specific themes at the moment, as long as there’s an overall science learning outcome.

We are looking for the following innovative science experiences:

–        Workshops

These should last up to 45 minutes (although drop-in events will be considered), and should be aimed at any age group under 13. Workshops should be able to hold up to 30 pupils, or adapted to suit, and focus on specific learning outcomes.

–        Interactive Exhibitions

Exhibitions should be robust, interactive and family-friendly.  EISF are particularly looking for exhibitions which can be set up in around five days, and able to work with shorter festival periods.

–        Stage shows

Shows should be presented by an experienced science performer, and last 30-45 minutes. Simple language is a must, whatever the target age group, and we are particularly interested to see any visual shows that have no dialogue, which will not require translation. If you’re interested in pitching a stage show, please send a video using the form below.

Proposals should be submitted by completing this form (an example can be found here) and then emailed to ventures2013@scifest.co.uk by noon on March 18th 2013. If you’d like to propose more than one event, please use a separate form for each proposal. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, just contact us through the ventures2013 email address, or by phoning +44 131 553 8664, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance for your interest.

Siân Bevan and Michelle Myers
Edinburgh International Science Festival

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