Case studies on science communication jobs #scicomm

I am adding to this page Case studies | scicommjobs – science communication jobs a collection of ‘case studies’ where people (including me) have said something about their science communication job, or their search for one. The page also lives permanently in the ‘Pages’ section (in the small black panel beneath the bigger blue panel, above).

Just a few so far but possibly you know of some others and will let me know (@JoBrodie or jo DOT brodie AT gmail DOT com), thanks.

I might post up some generic questions about working in various science comms fields and finding jobs / distinguishing yourself from other candidates etc etc at some point and try and persuade people to answer them – feel free to suggest questions. If you want to do it without announcing that it’s you (I’m not sure whether you have to log in to post to WordPress blogs) you can definitely do so anonymously over at my main blog on the related post “So you want to be a medical research charity science communicator“.

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