*Job, Washington, DC* AAAS – Assoc Editor [Science Signaling], £?, clos ?

AAAS – American Association for the Advancement of Science
Associate Editor, Science Signaling (Req. #2094) (Full Time)

Location: Washington DC

The American Association for the Advancement of Science seeks an Associate Editor to join the dynamic editorial team at Science Signaling, the leading weekly research journal and online knowledge environment devoted to cellular signal transduction from the publisher of Science. Candidates should have extensive knowledge of signaling pathways, enjoy reading and learning new topics in biology, and be familiar with databases containing signaling-relevant information.

Major duties & responsibilities:

Manages the peer review and selection of primary research manuscripts
Solicits invited content such as Reviews, Perspectives, and Protocols
Updates the Database of Cell Signaling, manages the review of the data, and handles the associated pathway articles
Discusses and makes recommendations regarding manuscripts and journal content with other editorial staff and advisors
Coordinates special issues
Edits content and works with authors on revisions and preparation of manuscripts for publication
Writes short summaries of published papers on a weekly basis
Fosters contacts and communication with the scientific community through interactions with scientists and travel to scientific meetings

Minimum qualifications:

Extensive university or college-level training leading to a Ph.D. in a scientific discipline
Postdoctoral experience resulting in multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals
Ability to work independently, as well as, constructively as a member of the editorial team
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Previous editorial experience or experience in database curation is a plus

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