*Free entry* World Conf Science Journalists want conference tweetists etc (Helsinki) #wcsj2013 – clos 15 April

The deal is that you get a free ticket to attend the whole conference but you’ll need to pay for travel and accommodation yourself.

I really enjoy tweeting from conferences and curating hashtagged tweets, although I’ve never really gone for the full multimedia experience (Vines, Pinterests and other ‘collateral’ as I recently learned that they’re called).

From another of my blogs I have a couple of posts that might be useful – one is a collection of tools that can be used to capture tweets (I mostly use Chirpstory, Storify, SearchHash, Grabchat or Twilert (email))* and another is a collection of posts about practicalities and ethics of liveblogging science conferences (obviously a little different from liveblogging science journalism conferences but I think there are some interesting posts there in the collection nonetheless).

*As someone interested in event curation I’d be interested to know what your preferred tools are (I only really use the free ones, as it’s the path of least resistance, but what paid-for ones am I missing out on?).

World Conference of Science Journalists
Social media reporters

Five free places for social media at Science journalists world conference. Apply before 15 Apr 2013!

Text pinched from their site:

“World Conference of Science Journalists 2013 is the biggest gathering of the science journalists and communicators in the world.

The breathtaking programme is full of journalists, scientists, communicators, explorers, innovators and forward-thinkers from all continents. WCSJ2013 is an excellent occasion to meet and to engage in international dialogue with researchers, decision makers and citizens.

Interactive sessions, cultural events, tours, science news and time for networking. And as WCSJ213 takes place in Helsinki in the end of next June, during the peak of the white nights of Finnish summer, there will be sunlight available around the clock.

A world conference organised by and for science journalists is a unique event. WCSJ2013 recognizes also the change in media and offers now five (5) free places for the social media and citizen journalists at the conference.

Send your application via twitter (@WCSJ2013) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/wcsj2013) before or on 15 April 2013. Write in your message(s) how you’ll report from the conference and why you should be selected to this privileged group of only five.

Please note that all social media members can take part the conference as registrated participants, also without a membership in science journalist association. The selected group of five will be credited a special status and get the full registration for free (value up to 550 euros per person). They need to pay themselves the travel and accommodation costs, but all special offers and special prices are available for them as well.

For more info about the conference: http://wcsj2013.org

For more info about the competition: secretariat@wcsj2013.org

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