*Training, apply by 1 May* Soc Biol & Biochem Soc, #scicomm training, £35, 12 June (for PhD / postdocs)

Found on psci-com, which I must say is unusually fighty this week. Get a shift on though as the application date for this training day is tomorrow; the event’s on 12 June. Note that it’s aimed at PhD students and postdocs.

Biochemical Society / Society for Experimental Biology / Society of Biology
Science communication Training day (12th June 2013):

Event flyer (permanent link cos it’s attached here, on WordPress): 20130026 Science Communication Training Day Flyer_web

The Biochemical Society, Society for Experimental Biology and the Society of Biology are partnering to organize a unique bioscience communication training workshop for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. The workshop will enhance participants’ skills and help to demonstrate the impact and benefits of their research to schools and the public. Attendees will be shown interactive ways to deliver activities and use resources so that they feel more confident to engage with broader audiences.

Application deadline: 1 May 2013.

Application is now available.

Attendance at the Science Communication Training Day is by application only. Success is not guaranteed, and travel arrangements should not be made until acceptance is confirmed.

Attendance at this event is FREE of charge for members of the organizing Societies and is £35 for non members. Registration includes refreshments and lunch on the day.

Join a Society to benefit from free attendance:
Biochemical Society
Society for Experimental Biology
Society of Biology

Download flyer 

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