*Job* Royal Society, Snr Commissioning Editor, £?, clos 19 May 2013

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Royal Society
Senior Commissioning Editor

Job description: Senior_Commissioning_Editor_JD

The Royal Society, the UK’s premier scientific body, has published peer-reviewed scientific journals since 1665. The Society has a dynamic and growing journals publishing operation and, as part of our strategic development, we wish to appoint a Senior Commissioning Editor.

The Senior Commissioning Editor is responsible for the overall publishing performance of both Phil Trans journals. This includes contributing to increased profits through the successful implementation of publishing strategies and delivering the very best scientific content with a commitment to ensuring the highest academic standards are met. He/she is responsible for creating titles that are highly cited and renowned for the quality of their content.  Overall, the vision is to make each journal the market leader in its field so we can maximise revenues.

Latest Application By: 19-May-2013
Location: 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG

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