Which countries visit the ScicommJobs blog? Obviously UK visits the most but it’s very, very international :) +stats

WordPress tells you how many visits (I think it’s visits rather than visitors, which is a different thing) have come from each country. Some have visited 10s of times, some just the once and of course the UK has visited several times (which is hardly surprising as ScicommJobs has a bit of a UK-focus. Well, London focus really).

CountriesHere are the top 10 countries, by visits, and then all the other countries. I’ve jumbled them up (in Paint.exe) so that countries that have only visited once don’t need to feel shy.

Top 10 visits by country to scicommjobs

Other countries visiting scicommjobs

Overall numbers of visits and visitors
Since the blog moved to WordPress we’ve had 9,600 views but you’d need to add this to the Posterous 210,000+ figure (see the panel on the right about blog counts) to get the combined total of the two blogs.

In February (blog moved here in the middle of the month) we had 434 visitors making 1,050 views and 2.42 views per visitor.

In March it was 1,317 visitors and 4,319 views (3.28 views per visitor)

In April it was 1,427 and 3,974 (2.78 views per visitor)

We’ve only just started May but so far it’s 112 / 277 (2.47)…

Clicks on links mentioned on this site
The most-clicked links obviously include the files that are stored here or at Posterous (the permanently linked job descriptions that persist after the original job ad from which they were taken has closed) and my blog (as I reference the big list of science communication vacancies pages) were:

  • Guardian / careers Guardian
  • Royal Pharm Soc
  • British Science Association
  • Career Directors (some random thing I found via Guardian!)
  • tinyurl!
  • NMSI vacancies
  • Sparkscience.ca

All of the above had more than 30 clicks (doesn’t sound much but we have a very ‘long tail’ with zillions of single hits).

That’s only the most popular links since the blog moved in Feb so isn’t a real representation of what people leave this blog to go and see elsewhere. It’s also just very dependent on what I’ve posted, which is dependent on what I’ve gone looking for mostly.

All the big charities’ pages had about 10 hits each, they are perennially popular (eg if I posted four jobs that would be forty clickthroughs).

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