A UK petition you might like, on interns and minimum wage

I spotted this on a pal’s Facebook the other day and thought I’d share it via ScicommJobs – it’s really only talking about the third (voluntary / charity) sector but since they do employ a large number of various different science communicators (see the sections on medical research charities here) it seems relevant.

“Unite and InternAware asks the voluntary sector to pay all interns the minimum wage and entry-level jobs to the charity sector should be reintroduced.”

There is also a petition to sign, and a pledge (““We agree to pay our interns at least the national minimum wage so we can ensure fair access to a career in our sector for young people whatever their background.””) for organisations which the Wellcome Trust has signed 🙂

More at The voluntary sector must pay all interns the minimum wage

To be honest it hadn’t really occurred to me to say ‘can we have some more entry-level jobs’, or even that one could ask for that, but now that someone’s done it I’m all for it. Not sure how practical it is – what might a charity ‘lose’ (as well as gain) if it shuffles some roles around to make that happen?

I think I’m right when I say that entry-level jobs are at a bit of an all-time low (I’m afraid this is anecdotal ‘stuff I’ve picked up’ rather than data-driven so if someone has the data, for the science communication sector that confirms or refutes this please send it) and that people are probably taking starter jobs in unrelated fields to build up the all-important “must have at least one year’s experience” before applying for the job they really want.

I wonder what sort of non-scicomm jobs offer the best transferable skills?

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