Scicommjobs visitors from Google Reader please note that service is closing on 1 July 2013

I spotted that I’ve had a few visitors coming from Google Reader and wanted to make sure that they were aware that this service is to close by 1 July 2013.

As far as I’m aware most people have moved to Feedly although I’m sure there are many other options. I’ve done it and it was seamless so that’s my personal recommendation.

If you’re interested in where Scicommjobs visitors have come from and where they go (click) afterwards I can tell you that since February 2013 (when I moved the blog here) there have been 1,995 clicks from Twitter and 1,875 from search engines (various, though only 64 are engines other than Google). 55 views have come from Google Reader, in a couple of weeks that will be zero.

In total (Posterous plus WordPress) the blog has had about 215,000 views.

The most popular page is, not surprisingly, the homepage: although don’t forget that that page will show whatever the most recent post is, so it’s not a static page. That’s had 8,150 views since February. The next most popular pages aren’t particularly popular compared with the homepage, they’re the About and Vacancies pages which have had 215 each.

Quite a few of the posts have only 1 view each though this isn’t particularly surprising as many are several years old and not that relevant – they’ll have had reasonable views while they were ‘live’ back on the Posterous blog.

The most clicked on link from the blog is actually the basic URL for where all of the attached files are stored, so has had 138 views (this is people downloading files), though I suspect most visitors would download a copy directly from the job vacancy site.

After that it’s the British Science Association, The Guardian and the page on my main blog about science communication vacancies – they get between 60 and 80 clicks.



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