[Job] @GoodThinkingSoc, Project Mgr (sort of) / skeptic blogger type (ish), £24-28k, clos 6 Oct 2013

Good Thinking Society
Doesn’t seem to be a job title as such
Closes Sunday October 6 2013

Since Simon Singh launched his Good Thinking Society last year, the organisation has gradually begun to initiate projects in line with its motto: “encouraging curious minds and promoting rational enquiry”. In addition to organising last year’s science blogging prize and offering small grants to promote scepticism, Good Thinking is investigating bad science journalism and working on other projects this year and into 2014. You can find out more at the Good Thinking website.

A position is available, starting January 2014, for a senior person to join Good Thinking in order to expand, manage and implement its list of projects. The successful candidate is likely to have a science degree and experience beyond university. He or she will need to demonstrate a desire to promote good science and challenge bad science. Ideally he or she will have a track record of this, either as part of their work or their personal interest. He or she will also need to demonstrate organisational and management skills. It is essential that the successful candidate has strong communication skills and is able to engage appropriately with a range of people, such as bloggers, the skeptic community, regulators, politicians, homeopaths, journalists and libel lawyers.

The successful candidate will probably work from home, but he or she may occasionally need to travel to London in order to work on particular projects, meet with Good Thinking’s Chief Operating Officer Johnnie Shannon and for monthly planning meetings with Simon Singh.

The salary will be in the region of £24k to £28k.

To apply, please send your CV (2 pages maximum) and a personal statement (1 page) to johnnie@goodthinkingsociety.org The deadline for applications is October 6.

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