[Job] Royal Institution, Public Programme Producer, £23.4k, clos 16 Oct 2013 #scicomm jobs

Royal Institution of Great Britain
Public Programme Producer

Job Description (stored on this blog, so will persist when original link fails): Public Programme Producer Job Description

The Royal Institution runs a year round programme of science events for the public. The Public Programme Producer will assist with developing innovative events, which are fascinating, entertaining and scientific, and which also fill our famous theatre. The Public Programme Producer will also work with the Ri Channel team to create compelling ideas for online video content, based on the Ri’s events programme.

The Public Programme Producer will also be responsible for managing the logistics of events and therefore must have strong organisational, communication, administration and IT skills. This role would suit a creative individual with at least two years relevant experience.

Accountable to: Public Programmes Manager
Contract type: Permanent full time
Salary: Ri Band 2/3, Points 12-16 (c. £23,496 depending on experience)

To apply for this position, please send a CV and covering letter to Kathryn Hageman at khageman@ri.ac.uk by 16 October 2013.

More information at www.rigb.org and www.richannel.org.

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