[Job] Stroke Association, Research Comms Mgr, £34.0-40.98k, clos 15 Dec #scicomm jobs

This is the 999th post published to this blog. I was hoping to have a bit of a tidy-up before we got to 1,000 but that tidy-up’s never going to happen 😉

As I’ve not posted for a while and there might be new readers (welcome!)… the format is that below there’s a link to the job advert which will work while it’s live and won’t when the advert closes. There’s the job advert text appended below (in fact the text came from an email sent to me from the Stroke Assoc asking me to post the job advert to the psci-com mailing list, which I’ve done). Further down is another link to the job description. This will persist indefinitely as the file is actually hosted on the blog’s servers.

You should be able to view job descriptions going back four years (this blog’s been in existence since October 2009) but some might have fallen off as the blog had to be transferred from Posterous to WordPress earlier this year. I *should* have archival copies of everything (!) so if something’s missing let me know.

One day anthropologists will undoubtedly enjoy trawling through years of science communication job descriptions, but the blog’s intended purpose is that if you’re thinking of applying for your next or next-but-one job then it’s useful to be able to see now the sorts of things you might need for an application in 18 months time. What skills are you missing, what training might you need, what areas might you need to mug up on etc. Since job descriptions exist in the wild for such a short time this blog exists solely to trap them for future generations to enjoy 😉

Job descriptions posted since migration in Feb 2013 are categorised and tagged for easy searching (by sector, pay scale, job type) earlier ones aren’t sadly (this is the great tidy-up of which I spoke earlier… one day) but the search facility on WordPress is pretty good.


Stroke Association
Research Communications Manager
Salary: £34,014 to 40,985 per annum | 35 hours per week

Job description: Research Communications Manager – SAH (Nov 2013)

The Stroke Association is the UK’s leading stroke charity. Our world-class research develops new ways to prevent and treat stroke. We are working to change the way people think about this devastating disease. Join us.

We are looking for a natural communicator who is passionate about raising awareness of stroke research. You will play a pivotal role in engaging our researchers and the wider stroke research community to support us in shaping the debate about research priorities and to influence policy and practice.

You will plan and implement the strategic direction of research communications and will be a key link across the Stroke Association, using your critical analysis skills to develop key messages from our research portfolio and ensuring that these inform debate both internally and externally.

You must be an articulate public speaker, accomplished in communicating complex information to a range of audiences and with the confidence and authority to represent the Stroke Association in both print and broadcast media.

For more details and an application pack please visit: http://www.stroke.org.uk/jobs

Closing date: 15 December 2013 (midnight)
Interview date: Mon, 06 Jan 2014




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