New science communication jobs board from the @BritSciAssociat & JobTarget #scicomm jobs

MOAR science communication jobs 🙂

CMA CGM Magellan

Always a good thing. Here’s a new website from the BSA (are we allowed to call them that now?) and JobTarget who’ll be hosting all sorts of science communication jobs in science communication places.

British Science Association and JobTarget
Science Communications Jobs board – this seems to show all jobs

Recruiters – get thee over there and register and post your jobs please, mwah x. And while you’re at it make sure you get your web team to create a /jobs redirect page for you.

Applicants – go and have a wander.

See also some of the resources on this blog (have a play in the categories, for example – you’ll find that just below the search bar up there on the right, it’s a clickable menu) and the ‘Useful links‘ section, which also includes my massively unwieldy list of vacancies pages which is definitely due its annual overhaul.

Note that only the jobs posted after February 2013 are categorised but the Search facility is rather good at finding the older ones.

I’m assuming you’re also signed up to psci-com (global but heavily UK) the mailing list for science communicators and fans of public engagement. It’s completely separate from this blog but, as it happens, I moderate it. Can’t take any credit for its awesomeness though, it was running for about a decade before I took over the moderating and it pretty much runs itself.

Not sure if JobTarget use their Twitter much though @JobTarget.



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