Scottish #Scicomm Special – vacancies pages of places in Scotland that might employ science communicators

Places in Scotland that might employ science communicators, or provide information about jobs.

I don’t live in Scotland so don’t know what the job market is like there. I’ve typed up all the places I know about, supplemented with a search on Google for other sciencey places and then following the trails that those search results led me on.

Hopefully this list will help people find other places, or categories of places – and hopefully they’ll also tell me what I’ve missed, jo dot brodie at gmail dot com – thanks!

Networks / jobs boards
Edinburgh Beltane Public Engagement Network – the Beltane network is one of several Beacons of public engagement-ness around the UK. More information about it, and the entire UK beacons, at the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) – there is an Opportunities page and a Jobs board page, see also their Events.

All the other places that advertise science communication jobs in the UK will obviously list Scotland scicomm jobs too, including this blog. ABSW and Stempra aren’t free, I think the others are (for users, British Science Association’s jobs board might be pay-to-advertise).

Agricultural colleges
Mylnefield Research Services
Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) – Jobs (looks mostly science at time of writing but might vary)

BBC Scotland Careers – journalism / science programming / online stuff

Chest, Heart and Stroke ScotlandJobs
Medical Research Scotland – didn’t find a jobs vacancy page

I don’t know anything about science correspondents in the larger local newspapers but if anyone does… 🙂

NHS Scotland
NHS Scotland Recruitment (I’m assuming many of these jobs won’t be scicomm but those patient information leaflets don’t write themselves… it may be that a medical writing agency would field writers for this sort of thing).

Royal Colleges and Societies

Science Centres
No idea if these do employ science communicators but they might. Other suggestions welcome.

Science Festivals
Edinburgh International Science Festival
MoSSFest: Middle of Scotland Science Festival (MOSS)
Orkney International Science Festival

Universities in Scotland
Aberdeen • Jobs
Abertay Dundee • Jobs / Job board
Dundee • Jobs / recruitment
Edinburgh • Vacancies
Edinburgh Napier • Vacancies
Glasgow • Jobs / Current vacancies
Heriot-Watt (Edinburgh) • Job opportunities
Highlands and Islands • Jobs
Queen Margaret (Edinburgh) • Vacancies
Robert Gordon (Aberdeen) • Jobs
St Andrews (Fife) • Job vacancies
Stirling • Jobs at Stirling
Strathclyde • Current vacancies
West of Scotland (Ayr, Dumfries, Hamilton, Paisley) • Jobs

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3 Responses to Scottish #Scicomm Special – vacancies pages of places in Scotland that might employ science communicators

  1. sarahdevelopment says:

    Hi Jo,

    Thanks for blogging about Beltane (!

    The jobs page and opportunities menu page should now be working:

    – Jobs (no live opportunities at present, but we’ll post them when there are)

    – Opportunities menu page

    If they’re still going to 404s, please let us know.

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