[Job] Northamptonshire, Lab_13 Irchester Primary Schl, Scientist in Residence ~£24k, clos 9 Mar #scicommjobs

Lab_13 Irchester, Irchester Primary School
Scientist in Residence

Job vacancy:  scientist-in-residence-job-description-2015
Letter to applicants: scientist-in-residence-job-pack-letter-2015

Salary: £23,945 pro rata
Closing date: 9 March 2015
Location: Irchester, Northamptonshire

This is an exciting opportunity to work with an ambitious school pupil Lab 13 management team and the rest of the school’s cohort, who are interested in all aspects of STEM discovery. We will ask you to use your creativity and STEM skills to assist Lab 13 in as many diverse ways as they will request of you. You will be our second Lab 13 STEM scientist-in-residence and we will be looking to you to build on the success of our Lab 13 so far.

We maintain the principles of the Lab 13 child led creative approach to learning whilst extending our remit to include CPD for teachers, plus workshops and training for other schools. We have also expanded beyond the science in STEM and into technology; now having digital leaders and obtaining STAR code club status. We are looking to develop all aspects of STEM and have recently been engaged with the University of Northampton on a STEAM project – putting the A (Arts) into STEM.

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