My talk to students on finding a job in science communication

Today I’m giving a talk to students about ‘finding a job in science communication’* and I’ve promised them that later today (probably tonight) I’ll put all the slides, links and other information here, so this is just a placer post for now (sorry if you clicked but please do come back later!).

Here are some useful links though, to start us off

  • psci-com: the science communication / public engagement with science mailing list (coincidentally I also run this but it was running for years before I took it on)
  • ABSW – the Association of British Science Writers
  • Stempra – Science, Tech, Eng, Maths PR Associations
  • BIG – British Interactive Group
  • My massive list of organisations that might employ science communicators
  • My post on how to fill in application forms (a bit better)

*This covers both literally finding a job (sharpening one’s hunting skills) as well as securing a job, which are two separate things 🙂

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