[Open] Biochemical Society’s Science Communication competition, clos 8 April 2016

I’m one of the judges in this competition! More about the judges here http://www.biochemistry.org/GetInvolved/ScienceCommunicationCompetition/TheJudgingPanel.aspx

Biochemical Society
Science Communication Competition
closing 8 April 2016

Each year the Biochemical Society looks for talented science communicators to take part in our annual Science Communication Competition. The competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

To enter, submit an original piece of writing or video on a biomolecular topic of your choice. Your article or video must be aimed at the general public and must be submitted with an entry form.

Winning entries receive a cash prize, as well as a mentoring session with one of our mentors; Freelance science writer , broadcaster and award-winning science blogger, Dr Kat Arney, freelance science communication consultant and trainer, Dr Steve Cross, and the Science Media Centre, which provides accurate and evidence-based information about science through the media. 

Mentors will review your winning entry and will provide feedback and suggestions to make your entry ready for publication. They will also be able to discuss the various skills needed for a career in science communication, and give winners advice based on their own career experiences.

Your winning entry will be published in the Society’s magazine, The Biochemist and on the Society’s website. 

The Science Communication Competition closes at midnight on 8 April 2016.

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