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Medical Mavericks
Freelance workshop deliverer(s)
The company is based in Wolverhampton but being based in the Midlands isn’t essential as the job involves lots of travelling around.

I’ve copied the Word document text below so that this page is indexed on search engines but the whole information is also here: Medical Mavericks Workshop Deliver SuperStar
Medical Mavericks Workshop Superstar
Freelance Role – January through to July
Rates from £50 to £120 per half day / day plus expenses.

We are the UK’s best team of science communicators and we need several newbies to become part of our science superstar delivery team, but I know what you are thinking… what the hell does Science Communication mean…. And what does the delivery team do?

Being a Science Communicator basically means you have to be able to explain & break down anything sciencey so that your audience, usually a school pupil, can understand it or be interested by it. Quite tricky at times so you have to think on your feet.

Our superstar delivery team visits schools, colleges, universities and public events all around the UK (and abroad occasionally) to inspire pupils to consider their future career path or health with some pretty awesome science kit. You see we take a hospital unit and sports science lab into schools so kids can play with real medical equipment.

What kind of kit? We have everything from basic blood pressure machines up to real ultrasound machines that the kids can use to see their own bones, muscles and organs in their body! On the sports science side we even have a piece of kit that lets people race Usain Bolt! It’s called The Accelerator and we invented it.

So where do you fit into this as one of our delivery team?

We’re visiting more and more schools and events each term and we need a bigger team to travel around the UK and deliver our amazing workshops.

One of your most important roles will be to inspire the pupils (& the oldies!) that we see and show them how totally awesome science is. As a workshop deliverer we spend a lot of time on the road, so it is probably not the best role if you like to spend time at home with family (especially if you have kids). You will also be expected drive one of our vans (if you have a drivers license), so as well as a sci-commer you also become a white van man (or lady!).

During a typical day, we would either travel to a school on the morning if it is local, or stop over the night before. We arrive at the school for 8am, unload the van and set up the kit for the workshop. So, if you don’t like lifting or can’t lift – this job is not for you.

We repeat workshops anything from once to 6 times in a day and sometimes run 2,3 or 4 other workshops at the same time. These days are epic and we usually see whole year groups throughout the day and create an amazing buzz in the school! You need to be comfortable speaking to groups of people ranging from 10 to 400 or aged any where from 5 to 70+!!!

You get to wear scrubs as well… need we say any more?

It’s not all about visiting schools and colleges either. The role also involves going to Science Fairs, Festivals and Conferences to promote Medical Mavericks and drum up some more business. You may also be asked to help put together resources, posters, lesson plans, videos & podcasts as part of our marketing materials.

Experience is not needed for once (yes, you read that right!) and it is a chance to be part of a growing an exciting team at Medical Mavericks. HOWEVER, you need to be able to think for yourself, take the initiative and enjoy a challenge and hard work. The one thing we ask is that you know your stuff when it comes to human physiology and / or sports science and be happy speaking to people of all ages!

As this is a freelance role, you may be asked to work from home on some tasks and you may be responsible for organising your own travel around the UK. You would also be responsible for declaring your own tax. Don’t worry, this is not as scary as it sounds and we can help you with that.

Some of the people we have worked with include (yes, we are name dropping here…) the BBC, SKY, the Wellcome Trust, Mo Farah Foundation, NHS, Abu Dhabi Science Festival and many more.

So if you think you this is the job for you, don’t want to work in an office every day and spend most of your time inspiring kids with amazing medical and sports science equipment you have to follow the instructions below:

Send us an email, snail mail letter, or link to a video and tell us why you are perfect for the job. You can send a CV…. But that is sooooo last year and very boring. Plus everyone lies about themselves on them – seriously! See how imaginative you can be! Here is where you can send your imagination to:


Medical Mavericks
2 Burmarsh Walk


  • The role involves travelling around the UK so you will be away from home for good periods of time. (all week, most weeks during peak seasons)
  • A driving license is very beneficial
  • We pay for hotels and food and travel as well as your salary
  • Lifting and spending long periods of time on your feet is part of the job
  • Speaking to large audiences is part of the job.
  • Being based in the Midlands is beneficial, but not essential.

This is an open job application and there is no closing date. Immediate starts available for successful candidates.

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