[UK] Home-based citizen science jobs going with Parenting Science Gang #scicomm

Two jobs with Parenting Science Gang, from the Nappy Science Gang crew. Full details at https://nappysciencegang.wordpress.com/2017/02/27/do-you-want-to-work-for-parenting-science-gang/

Project co-ordinator (full time)

Employment details

  • Full time (37.5 hours a week, with 28 days annual holiday)
  • For 23 months
  • Salary £22,750 pa


Live chat co-ordinator (freelance, 1 day a week)

Employment details

  • We estimate, based on the earlier project, that your duties will take no more than 1 day a week (roughly 8 hours, but this can be spread around the week. You will need to manage your own time and there might be more to do some weeks than others. You are free to do more work in some weeks than others, as long as it gets done.)
  • 92 weeks spread over 23 months (allowing for holidays)
  • Pay £80/week

Closing date for both roles is 5pm on Friday 10th March. We will shortlist and telephone interview in the week commencing 13th March. The jobs will ideally start on Monday 20th March.

To apply, email Sophia Collins with your CV and a SHORT covering email, telling me why you’d be great for the job and one mistake you’ve made in your life that you learned something from.

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