Case studies

Other people’s thoughts on jobs in science communication…

A student’s perspective on job hunting…
Jess Naddafy writes, for the Society for Endocrinology, about her frustrations with jobsearching. She wants to stay in science but is finding a lack of jobs and support.

Leonie Welberg, Senior Editor at Nature Reviews Neuroscience
An interview by Society for Endocrinology on her alternative career, away from the lab.

Jo Brodie (me!), Senior Science Information Officer & Islet Project Coordinator, Diabetes UK
I worked as a science info officer there from 2003 to 2012 and did a few other jobs there which I hugely enjoyed. Primarily I answered scientific questions about diabetes from members of the public. When putting this page together I remembered that I’d also done one of these job profiles but had to dig it out from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, and then use Freezepage to trap it. I also wrote So you want to be a medical research charity science communicator.

Sarah Westlake, Editor, Multiple Sclerosis Society
Sarah researches and writes information about MS for the charity’s print and web materials for the charity.

Hayley Jordan, Policy & Campaigns Officer, Multiple Sclerosis Society
The original page is no longer there but I’ve linked to a Freezepaged archival copy of it. Hayley summarised policy documents and wrote consultation reports (I assume that she’s moved on to another role).

Speaking of Science
A website entirely devoted to interviewing science communicators – I think this might save me a bit of time 😀

Spotted a suitable addition for this page? Please let me know at jo DOT brodie AT gmail DOT com or @JoBrodie, thank you.

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