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Types of science communication jobs – a list

Cross-posted to my Stuff that occurs to me blog is a website with a listing of the types of jobs associated with a particular degree / discipline, full list here Some examples What can I do with a … Continue reading

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Not a job, but Sue @ScienceNelson is looking for your radio science programme topics

If she’s not following you let her know and she can do so in order for you to send your DM 🙂 If you've got a good idea for a radio science programme get in touch via DM. Offers round … Continue reading

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Useful resource & mailing list: the @pcstnetwork

@guerilla_mark @ScicommJobs a little late, but have you found — Bruce Lewenstein (@blew1000) April 13, 2014 Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this! I spotted that Mark Rosin had asked ‘me’ (as @ScicommJobs, in 2014, oops! I almost never … Continue reading

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2015 edition: places where UK science communicators could work (London-heavy)

Cross-posted to my main blog.  Since 2003 I’ve been keeping a great big public list of vacancy pages where science communicators and health info communicators work, or might work, in the UK. Initially this was just a list I kept … Continue reading

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UK Science Festivals – a list of the ones I know about #scicomm

If your favourite science festival isn’t listed please let me know – comments below, jo dot brodie AT gmail dot com or @JoBrodie, thank you. I bet someone has a list of science festivals in other countries – I would … Continue reading

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[Resource for science teachers] ScienceDemo videos from StoryCog (@jjsanderson & @alomshaha and others)

OK this is rather lovely – I spotted Alom tweeting about this earlier but have only just sat down to enjoy it with full attention. He’s showing a demo of the ‘iodine clock’ and how it might be used at … Continue reading

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Scottish #Scicomm Special – vacancies pages of places in Scotland that might employ science communicators

Places in Scotland that might employ science communicators, or provide information about jobs. I don’t live in Scotland so don’t know what the job market is like there. I’ve typed up all the places I know about, supplemented with a … Continue reading

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