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What is ScicommJobs?
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Who’s behind this?
@JoBrodie / jo DOT brodie AT gmail DOT com – hello, I’m from London, UK.

Do you make money from this?
No, I just like tidying up the internet. WordPress automatically adds adverts at the bottom of posts (which you’ll only see I think if you’re not logged in to WordPress). I might stump up the $30 per year to remove them but to be honest I never see them 😉

What’s the logo?
The logo, chosen solely because I needed a picture when I set the blog up three and a half years ago, was taken by me at the Millennium Dome in North Greenwich, aka O2 dome.

What’s the policy on unpaid internships?
I don’t advertise unpaid internships while they’re ‘live’, but I do collect the job descriptions and publish them later. Unpaid internships get work done at no cost to the employing organisation but they also give CV fodder preferentially to people who can afford to work unpaid, so I’m a bit uncomfortable about them.

Why do you post jobs that have already closed?
ScicommJobs is a database of job descriptions and not a jobs posting board. Because my hearing about a job generally coincides with the post being open it might appear that it is a job advertising site but that’s just a secondary function. The aim is to enable people to browse a variety of different types of job descriptions from different sectors and at different salary levels as that information might be useful in career planning. Of course it might not be, in which case the secondary function is still useful 🙂

How do you hear about jobs?
a) The psci-com mailing list is a good resource, I recommend that you sign up (it’s free) but have to add a conflict of interest there in that, by coincidence, I also moderate that list too.
b) I go looking for them by trawling through my massive list of vacancies pages and elsewhere.
c) People tell me about their jobs or flag up others’ jobs to me.

Why has the blog moved from Posterous to WordPress?
I had to move the blog as Posterous shut down on 30 April 2013. WordPress.com was the path of least resistance (I’ve used it before) – I must say I like the fact that you can use categories AND tags.

There’s a file / link missing on one of the posts – where is it?
I suspect that some of the attached files in older posts (which are technically stored on Posterous’ servers and shown as a link) will stop being attached after 30 April 2013 when Posterous shuts its doors. Fortunately I have the entire blog and files backed up in a large zipped file so if you come across something that doesn’t work please let me know (I’ll need the address of the post where the missing file… isn’t). My contact details are at the top of this post.

How many visitors / blog stats?
Moving from Posterous to WordPress means the blog stats count has been reset to zero. At 8.30pm on 30 March 2013 we had had 209,903 page visits since 14 October 2009 while at Posterous. The blog moved here on 15 February 2013 and we’ve had 5,218 views since then (30 March 2013).

210,091 page views (on Posterous) as of midnight 3 April 2013. It shouldn’t be much more than that now as I’ve properly shut down the Posterous version.

Post views vary between a couple of hundred to several thousand depending on how long the post has been there, as well as the usual factors of how interesting the job is / how much the salary is etc.

Click to enlarge the stats images below.

scicommjobs monthly stats
February and March 2013 statistics

scicommjobs daily stats
Daily stats for March 2013

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