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There are lots of ways to follow this blog – there may be reasons why you want to follow it more covertly for example. I will let you judge the relevant covertness of the following options.

All posts from this blog are automatically sent to @ScicommJobs

On the right hand side of the blog there’s a button you can press to ‘Follow ScicommJobs by email’ – if you’re logged in to then clicking it will sign you up with the same email address. If you prefer to use a different one you’ll have to log out and refresh the page.

Email and Twitter – Twilert
If you have a Twitter or Google account but don’t want to publicly follow the Twitter feed then you can set up a Twitter email alert via Twilert. It will send you a regular email which contains recent tweets – as there might be a time delay this probably isn’t the most useful method for finding out about new jobs in good time.

Just below the ‘follow by email’ button is a section for Admin and RSS feeds – the one you probably want is Entries – RSS which you can add to your RSS reader (the URL is

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  1. jobrodie says:

    I think I mean relative covertness but I quite like relevant too.

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