Useful links

1. Vacancies pages

This is very London heavy, it’s where I’m from and what I know about. If you have a collection of vacancies pages in your city (or country) – tell me (jo dot brodie @ gmail dot com) and I’ll happily link to it.

The full, expanding, list of science communication vacancies pages lives at one of my other blogs – it consists of a collection of pages organised by theme. It arose from trying to collect all the vacancies pages for medical health charities which, at the time I began this project, didn’t seem to be too overt about science communication. Of course that’s all changed now.

Wynn Abbott also posts job vacancies to his Google+ page which I recommend looking at too.

Added 2 December 2013: The British Science Association has started a new jobs board for science communicators which will also have other information (eg advice).

2. Other useful pages


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