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Science Communication Conference in May: info about bursary (and application form)

The Science Communication Conference has a bursary scheme; the application form is here. I noted from reading the information about previous bursary winners (Science Communication Conference Bursary Scheme report 2010) the following statement in t… Continue reading

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[Job] Diabetes UK, Research Evaluation & Impact Officer, ??26.5-35k, clos 17 Mar 2011 #scicomm jobs

Well this will be fab 🙂 And not just because you’d be working in the same building as me (though in a different team) ;-)Previous jobs from Diabetes UK that I’ve posted to the Posterous include:- Media & Public Affairs Officer, ?27kScience Inform… Continue reading

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[Job, Bristol] Sounds of Science, Freelance science communicator, ??30p/h (2hr sessions) #scicomm jobs

Pinched this from psci-com (I generally assume everyone knows what this means but in case you’re a new reader it’s the science communication mailing list run by Wellcome Trust and hosted at JISCmail. Googling psci-com jiscmail is usually the quick… Continue reading

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Answer people’s science questions for Science Council / @futuremorph

I???m not sure if they want scientists rather than science communicators but if you think you can answer questions in the following topics then send an email to Holly M (address below) and follow them on Twitter. Let me know if you hear of any diabe… Continue reading

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[Job] QMUL, CHI+MED Postdoc RA in Stakeholder Engagement & Evaluation, ??30.3-33.7k, clos 21 March 2011 #scicomm jobs

This is pretty fresh cos I’ve just posted it myself over at our CHI+MED website! But only after it was posted first at Queen Mary’s where the post-holder will work 🙂 BTW You don’t have to have a PhD – Qualifications 1. PhD in relevant subject and… Continue reading

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[Job] Gallomanor: I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here, Moderator, ??7.50p/h, clos end Feb 2011 #scicomm jobs

I think it’s safe to say that someone’s going to enjoy this one. Here’s a post from someone who’s recently joined the team and is in fact the person to whom you’ll be emailing your CV :)Also, gorgeous logo.Jo———————————-I’m a… Continue reading

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[Job] UKCPI, Communications Officer, ??25k, clos 4 March 2011 #scicomm jobs

UKCPI is the UK Cleaning Products Industry. If you get the job, see if you can pinch me a bottle of Trigene which is the most lovely-smelling disinfectant I’ve ever come across. I think the attached Word document is identical (just Word doc rather… Continue reading

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